I have dreams my friend, dreams which haunt me in the dead of night and won’t let me be. I hear the voices of my ancestors in my sleep.  The ancestors cry out,  “You too can rip a page from Africa’s wondrous story book and share it with the world”.   

Night after night, I hear music that is as old as time, music that is as rhythmic as the beat of the djembe.  That is why I have written and composed “Shona The Musical”.

However, many prominent musical theatre experts think I’m crazy.  They tell me no African has ever produced a musical that has played on the main stages of New York or London’s West End.

These smart folks inform me that such a thing is impossible.  “You are no Sondheim, no Andrew Lloyd Webber and definitely no Lin Manuel Miranda.  You are nothing but a simple boy from Soweto with ideas way above your station”.

With deep concern etched on their faces, they plead with me to abandon my quest.  “Many fools have tried before but it always ends in tears.  Think of your children’s future and quit before it’s too late”.

Who knows, they may well be right but I think they are wrong. You gotta start somewhere….

With a bit of luck, a lot of skill and hard work, “Shona The Musical” will trumpet mother Africa’s music and story across the globe.

Luckily for me, some insanely talented souls have agreed to join me on this exciting journey.  You too can help us get to Broadway by coming to see the show and spreading the word.

Thank you. smile



 T: 0131 529 6000

M: 07751 789 464

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