Neo Vilakazi Presents the sensational New African musical

Shona the Musical Choir is appearing at the Edinburgh International Festival -

16 August 2021

Neo Vilakazi Presents the new sensational musical

Showcase Performances

Coming to The studio, potterow (behind the festival theatre), edinburgh, 25 – 27 October

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Welcome to Shona!

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Amazing African musicals don’t come along often.  “Shona The Musical” is a rare phenomenon indeed.  Not only is it written by Africans themselves, it brings together a mixed cast of black and white characters which is unusual in African musicals.   The wonderful costumes, the intoxicating music, the powerful story is all skillfully told by an insanely talented cast.

The Lion King has been a torch-bearer for African inspired musicals for years, “Shona The Musical” is that new kid on the block which will delight and amaze in equal measure.  The story is based on recent events in Zimbabwe.  Under Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe burned and the lives of its black and white citizens were thrown into turmoil.

“Shona The Musical” captures the drama of these events and hits its audience in the solar plexus with its sheer audacity.  If you are looking for a theatrical experience that will change you forever, come see “Shona The Musical”.

where the story began - Shona The Musical

Discover how passionate director Neo Vilakazi created Shona

I have dreams my friend, dreams which haunt me in the dead of night and won’t let me be. I hear the voices of my ancestors in my sleep. The ancestors cry out, “You too can rip a page from Africa’s wondrous story book and share it with the world”.

live in the studio

Behind the Scenes

Hello Shona The Musical Lovers!! We thought we would share something special for you. Here is a sneak peek at our crazy talented cast, rehearsing for our upcoming performances in October!! Enjoy! Book your tickets now..

storyboard - shona the musical

Check out our Storyboard – Illustrated by Sara Campbell

A Swiss-born Illustrator who graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art Illustration course. Sara is most interested in narrative based illustration, folklore, mythology and cats. She works both traditionally and digitally, usually drawing and inking by hand before...
Shona The Musical - Official Trailer (2018)

Shona The Musical – Official Trailer 2018

Don't miss the opportunity to be among the first people to see this rare phenomenon - a musical written by Africans themselves, bringing together a mixed cast of black and white characters with intoxicating music and a powerful story, skillfully told by talented...
Sights and sounds

Sights and Sounds

Take a look behind the scenes of Shona The Musical

About the Show

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“Shona The Musical” is based on real events. It is the story of three friends – Sabelo, Mujuru and Harry- who grew up playing happily together in the rural areas of Zimbabwe. Their youthful tranquility and friendship is shattered when Mujuru’s mother dies in a jail cell after being arrested by Harry’s uncle, a white police captain. 

Meanwhile Sabelo meets with better fortune. He receives a generous scholarship from Harry’s father (who is a major local landowner) to join Harry to study in Scotland.

Sabelo returns years later to take his rightful place as chief of the Shona people, with his Scottish fiancee, Joanne. Their marriage enrages Mujuru, who despises white people and blames them for his mother’s death and his lack of opportunitieis in the past. 

As the major general in Robert Mugabe’s army, Mujuru is hellbent on settling old scores and riding Zimbabwe of all white people, by any means necessary, including getting rid of his old friend, Harry. 

With an eclectic musical score, exuberant dancing, rhythmic drumming, colourful costumes and a diverse cast, Shona the Musical is a contemporaty portrayal of people’s lived experiences in post-colonial Africa.

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Neo Productions/@ShonaTheMusical joins #BEAM2020 in thanking Arts Council England, PRS Foundation, Royal & Derngate, Music Theatre International, Theatrical Rights Worldwide, Concord Theatricals, The Other Palace & the Coach Jack Curran Fund for their support!

Hear the sound of @Shonathemusical here: Neo Productions has presented workshopped versions to various audiences & received great positive feedback. Want to support us to take it to full production? Get in touch - #BEAM2020

Neo Productions presents @Shonathemusical - based on real events and set in Zimbabwe and Scotland. It’s a story of three young friends who grew up under President Robert Mugabe’s regime where the colour of your skin could mean life or death. #BEAM2020

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Discover how visionary director Raymond Vilakazi created Shona.



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